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Details of an email sent to Allianz in France: What ever you do use a UK company for your overseas home!

Dear Sirs,

We write to you with concerns about our property in Auch in South West France.

Your agency has been dealing with our claim for water damage to our property.

It is now two months since this damage occurred and we are still don't know if you are meeting all our claims, despite two visits from your claims adjuster. Obviously we cannot authorise repair work to continue, if you will not meet the claim in full.

The house is presently uninhabitable so we were fortunate to have another house in Spain where we could stay.

This indeed is very fortunate as you were only able to offer us four nights accommodation. In the end we stayed only three nights in a hotel less then then your average allowance of 40 euros per a night.

You have met this claim although Mondial deducted 36 euros spent on breakfast, even through this claim was in total under your 240 euro allowance.

We have spoken to your agency today and they cannot clarify or update us on the current position, so we cannot go ahead with any of the repairs urgently required. I have made it clear to your agency that with August now approaching, it is unlikely that any builder will be able to start work beyond this current month. Obviously, if this occurs you may suffer further claims as the house and its contents deteriorates.

Originally, we came to Allianz because you were a major company and we felt assured this was a wise move.

However, each time we contact your agency it seems that either the lady is very busy and finds it difficult to update us, or she has to refer everything back to the assessor or some place else. Today she tells us she is alone in her office and has telephones ringing while we speak. The way Allianz is dealing with this it is more like a tiny company then a major concern.

I dread to think what it would have been like, if we had to live in this house in France with no water or electricity; while you ambled along with this claim.

We have three other houses, two in Spain and another in the UK, all of course insured.

From my experience of over 40 years owing such properties, I have never seen such pure inefficiency from a major Insurance company as yours.

I am tempted to post this letter on the web to warn other people about our treatment by you and warn them not to take insurance with Allianz, especially on holidays homes in France. I promise you that if I do not get a reply to my email I will do just that! and in addition contact your financial ombudsman for an examination of your procedures in dealing with our claim.

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